Why design tomorrow's experiments with yesterday's tools?

Based on our high performance probes, Twist Human Core Exome and Twist Custom Panels provide unparalleled uniformity for sequencing efficiency.

From Panels to Exome – Assessing the Technical Performance of dsDNA Capture Probes for NGS

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This independent technical note compares key metrics across four exome providers.

Twist demonstrates the highest performance.

On the Quest for a More Precise Exome


Deep Coverage: Single & Multiplex Capture

Twist Human Core Exome is designed to target highly conserved consensus coding regions in the human genome. Providing superior uniformity, this exome delivers improved coverage of targets with less sequencing costs.

High Uniformity, More Complete Coverage

Twist Bioscience’s probes enable improved coverage of intended targets when compared to competition. Improved uniformity increases the percentage of bases covered at the desired depth and reduces the amount of over sequencing.